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The Porn Gap: Gender Differences in Pornography Use in Couple Relationships  | Institute for Family Studies


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There's a vast amount of research on the harmful effects of pornography,  and it's important that this information is accessible to the public.


(PDF) A Review of Internet Pornography Use Research: Methodology and  Content From the Past 10 Years


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Children must be protected from the devastating effects of Internet  pornography


(PDF) Visceral pedagogies: Pornography, affect, and safety in the  university classroom



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Hold pornography to account – not education programs – for children’s harmful sexual behaviour. – people′s pornography – sex and surveillance on the chinese internet – katrien jacobs – livres. Pornography use correlates with pro-feminist attitudes, according to us survey. Parenting in the age of online pornography. (photo/rebecca wilcox) download image. “. . Men’s lives are being ruined by pornography. so why aren’t we angry about it?. … of the upcoming academic journal porn studies, participates in an intelligence squared debate arguing for the premise that “pornography is good for us.. Word art quote about what science vs society says about pornography and marriage. Age of first exposure to pornography shapes men’s attitudes toward women: study. Beyond speech: pornography and analytic feminist philosophy. The scary effects of pornography: how the 21st century’s acute addiction is rewiring our brains. . A recent analysis of 50 studies found that pornography was negatively associated with sexual and relational satisfaction among men.. Studies demonstrate that novelty increases reward-seeking and the release of dopamine in the brain.. People with unsatisfying relationships more likely to view their pornography use as uncontrollable. Cfp: porn studies conference – eurasian pornography. How pornography may be damaging relationships. Pornography addiction: a neuroscience perspective. Event category. Results. The damaging effects of pornography on mental health. The color of kink: black women, bdsm, and pornography (sexual cultures) paperback – october 4, 2016. It then looks forward, identifying new developments in activists’ thought and action. despite their different vocabularies, this research finds among …. Porn studies. Collage as child pornography and the limits to the right to freedom of expression – case note.