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TRX-Manager – CAT control/Remote control, DXing and Logging program Ham  Radio

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FREE: ICOM Remote Control Software for ICR-30

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RTC-200 Software Control Interface for Yaesu Antenna Rotators

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. A freeware windows antenna design and modelling software developed by an amateur radio operators primarily intended for vhf yagi aerials .. . . (eznec screen shot). Yagi designer antenna calculator. Erp calculator is an ham radio software utility designed to perform a side-by-side comparison of two ham radio antenna systems.. Ham radio deluxe (hrd) satellite tracking screen. Details about 2019 ant swr antenna analyzer meter for ham radio hobbists + pc software. . Pstrotator software with free satellite tracking software. Screenshot. . . Adsb virtual radar rtl2832 rtl1090 i6ibe antenna 1090 mhz ham radio, software. K3rrr digital desktop of ham radio software. Esoftanywhere dsp & more. Ham radio deluxe (hrd) rotor contorl screen. Gqrx main screen. Pitx transmitting sstv and received in hdsdr. from pitx’s author’s twitter @f5oeoevariste. My hardware line up is a flex 6500, a als-1300 which is automatically controlled by the 6500, a mfj-998 antenna tuner, a mfj rcs-4 antenna switch which …. Tuning the 160 meter amateur radio band with sdrplay rsp1a sdr receiver and sloper antenna. . Hardy heron desktop; xlog logger. Click here to view back cover.. Yagistress (ys) is a full featured, graphical, user friendly program that performs structural analysis on horizontally polarized yagi antennas constructed …. Ham radio deluxe 5 by iw5edi. Zoom. Radiouniversepro software. Ham radio software. K3rrr ham radio satellite antenna array. . Satellite antenna system – computer controlled satellite station via macdoppler software. rtl-sdr blog r820t2 rtl2832u 1ppm tcxo sma software defined radio with 2x telescopic antennas: electronics. Antenna, ve3sqb ham radio antenna design software programs and sstv,qha, amateur radio,sstv,antennas,j-pole,quad,dipole,discone,antenna…. … 1024 × 678 in setting up and using a software defined radio. Radio smartsdr. . … antennas …. Amateur radio– free software. 9 – hf curtain array antenna for 11.85 mhz. Tnc setup with a linux computer. The ham intelligent calculator | ham radio – ham events – ham reviews – ham links – ham news. Guests and amateur radio operators logged in with an account at remotehams can enjoy to tune and listen online here to my remote for free, without need a …. The rs-hfiq is a high performance software defined radio (sdr) 5w transceiver. . Here is a video of a virginia amateur radio group passing field day bonus point messages off site using packet radio.. Software 1 …. Each link about antenna analysis get reviewed by ham radio users among other similar resources and collected in software/antenna analysis.. Picture. Screenshot thumbnail. Amateur radio via shortwave has been practiced since the mid 20’s all over the world. the ham radio operator usually needs a lot of space for its antennas …. Combining fldigi data software with psk reporter. Jt65a qso between nw7us and du1gm on 2011-01-29 at 1702 utc. Ham radio software for the mac, iphone and ipad. . Funcube dongle pro+ software defined radio. I just wanted to write this to start the conversation in order to disrupt amateur radio’s status quo, in response to k0nr’s blog, “is the internet …. W5fcx software-defined ham radio antenna switch gallery · « back to project · view full size. Spektrum: a new spectrum analyzer program for the rtl-sdr. Maritime mobile ft8 amateur radio. In the screenshot above, i typed in “6y6y”, who i have worked several times recently. it shows the short path (sp) heading from my qth to jamaica is 126.19.. . Ham radio workbench k6bez antenna analyzer assembled. Linux for ham radio – starting out with a fresh install, what next?. Details about (tennessee) sark 100, mini60, mr100, mr300 antenna analysis software for. Mini hf ant swr antenna analyzer sark100 for ham radio hobbists. Dsc_0092. To transmit cq, find an open space on the waterfall and click to bring the cursor to that spot. tones will be generated in the same place as the cursor on …. 2 meter amateur radio j-pole antenna | kb9vbr j-pole antennas (www.jpole- International journal on recent and innovation trends in computing and communication issn: 2321-8169 …. Distribution software. File:hexbeam amateur radio antenna.jpg. Figure …. How do i make a rf propagation map for a repeater? – amateur radio stack exchange. Comparison? not possible, really, because a $20 dongle offers so much more than a classic portable, which only needs four batteries.. To ham radio online. websdr user interface (ui). Now you need to configure the audio in and out. in my case, it looks like this. note the wave in set to my sound card, and wave out set to virtual …. . Amateur radio, digital communications in amateur radio articles. . I ran the arrl dx cw contest for a few hours this weekend and had a great time. i recently installed a w6lvp rx loop antenna and wanted to see how it …. These are the models of basic software defined radio (sdr) i have tried.. . Unnamed-1. ( home ) ( antennas) ( software ) ( ham radio tools ) ( video how to ) ( ham radio parts ) ( dx contesting ) ( makers & dealers ) ( orgs/pubs ) ( baluns …. Antenna towers for radio amateur: arrl inc.: 9780872590946: books. Listing internet radio servers in ghpsdr3-alex / qtradio. Amateur-radio-portable-antennas.. Now let’s zoom into the 40 meter amateur radio band for a closer look. on the “select band” menu select the entry under “amateur” that says “40m”..