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The women involved in the sex scandals: paula jones, left, who in 1994. Clinton settles sexual harassment suit, nov. 14, 1998. Bill clinton emphatically denying having an affair with former white house intern monica lewinsky. The sexual-assault election. Sexual-harassment allegations against the former fox news chairman roger ailes, left, have raised questions over how network executives justified their …. These are the sexual assault allegations against bill clinton. How conservative media responded to the stormy daniels news (hint: it involved an ex-president). Monica lewinsky reveals first impression of bill clinton before affair: ‘eww…old guy with wiry hair’. Bill clinton confesses on television to the american people that he did indeed have sexual relations with “that woman,”monica lewinsky, on aug. 17, 1998.. Nixon and clinton. . Reality check: did hillary clinton attack her husband’s accusers?. Letter to the editor: sexual harassment can’t be blamed on bill clinton or any one person. Donald trump featured paula jones and 2 other women who accused bill clinton of sexual assaultdonald trump featured paula jones and 2 other women who …. Trump borrows bill clinton’s legal strategy as he battles defamation lawsuit. President clinton speaks about the monica lewinsky scandal at the white house on january 26,. In short, the major differences in the cases referenced by the meme — one of which involved an fbi raid on a lawyer’s office and the other not — were as …. Former president bill clinton, left, alongside the late fox news ceo roger ailes.. A&e/ringer illustration. “. . . . Was bill clinton’s lewinsky affair an ‘abuse of power’?. Bill clinton’s meltdown on nbc’s ‘today show’. Paula corbin jones, former arkansas clerical worker bringing sex harassment suit against (then gov. During the 1992 campaign, an arkansas state government worker named gennifer flowers told reporters she. Stop using bill clinton to hammer on liberals. sexual harassment is a man problem, not a partisan one – los angeles times. Clinton scandals: a guide from whitewater to the clinton foundation. In this photograph from 2004, convicted sex offender jeffrey epstein speaks with then-harvard professor alan dershowitz, who would later serve on epstein’s …. How roy moore’s misdeeds are forcing an awakening on the left. years of excusing bill clinton’s sexual …. . The (incomplete) list of powerful men accused of sexual harassment after harvey weinstein. Bill clinton, harvey weinstein and how abuse allegations echo across decades. Anthony bourdain calls hillary clinton interview ‘shameful’. Summer zervos, who has sued president donald trump for defamation and accused him of sexual assault, pictured in january 2017. david mcnew/getty images. “. Gennifer flowers levels new allegation against bill clinton. Kathy shelton, juanita broaddrick, paula jones, kathleen willey: the women in trump’s facebook live – cbs news. The allegations women have made against donald trump. The seth rich lawsuit matters more than the stormy daniels case. Roger ailes is advising donald trump ahead of presidential debates. First lady michelle obama speaks during a campaign rally for democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton on. Fact check: why did the fbi raid the office of trump’s lawyer but not bill clinton’s?. Monica lewinsky on the cover of the feb. 2, 1998 edition of newsweek magazine. President donald trump waves as he leaves the capitol after he attended a house republican conference meeting november 16, in washington, d.c. a lawsuit …. Paula jones, blast from the past, says the world is going to hell in a handbag. . … who came to clinton’s aid as he mounted a legal defense against jones’ civil lawsuit, which claimed the disgraced commander-in-chief sexually harassed …. A guide to the allegations of bill clinton’s womanizing – the washington post. Photo by chip somodevilla/getty images. Former presidents clinton and george w. bush share a laugh during a september event launching. Young women who worked for rival candidates hillary clinton and bernie sanders said they were harassed. Trump’s lawyers in court to fight lawsuit they call ‘politically motivated’ by sexual-assault accuser summer zervos – abc news. Megyn kelly on meeting president-elect trump. Kathleen willey, clinton accuser. The 23 women who have accused trump of sexual misconduct – business insider. Dinesh d’souza reminds us that bill clinton settled a “sexual abuse” lawsuit for $800k. Clinton campaign discussed ways to refute rape accuser’s claims. Image: thomas jefferson, richard nixon, bill clinton. Vice president gore looks on as clinton places an "0" on the board. Sen. kamala harris (d-calif.) says nobody told her about a. Hillary and bill clinton pose for a photo on their wedding day, oct. 11, 1975, in fayetteville, ark. (courtesy of president william j. clinton library). Matt lauer accused of sexual harassment by multiple women (exclusive). Palm beach trial could reveal details of billionaire’s alleged abuse of teen girls. Kavanaugh in memo pushed graphic sex questions for clinton. Hillary clinton freed child rapist. Some presidential candidates didn't survive their scandals. in 1987, the. Read donald trump’s bizarre, frightening speech responding to sexual assault allegations. How ‘american idol’ host ryan seacrest escaped his sexual harassment allegations unscathed. Photo illustration by brigette supernova/the daily beast. ‘linda tripp offered me the blue dress’: revelations from the man who uncovered the clinton-lewinsky scandal – history. Summer zervos, shown with attorney gloria allred earlier this year in washington, d.c., accuses president trump of sexual harassment and has filed a lawsuit …. 8 men whose sexual misconduct allegations prove it’s long been a big part of u.s. politics. Bill clinton victim 2. S. Gifts: she was called to the office with the promise of presents, and clinton. Lawsuits force alleged trump affairs, sexual misconduct claims back into public eye. Paula jones breaks down recalling bill clinton’s alleged sexual harassment on ‘the clinton affair’. After the publication of the starr report in 1998, monica said she was “arguably the most humiliated person in the world”.. Accusing roger ailes of sexual harassment would have been career ‘suicide mission,’ megyn kelly says – abc news. Bill clinton facing four sexual assault lawsuits after fresh allegations made against former president. Travelgate to furnituregate: a guide to the clinton scandals of the 90s. Roger ailes, hillary clinton and meroger ailes, hillary clinton and me. Trump responds to women who have accused him of sexual misconduct, saying they’re politically motivated. Lilian adams (right) said a male organizer with clinton’s campaign “made multiple comments. Kurtz: did liberals cover for clinton in the 90’s?. Paula jones/monica lewinsky, 1994. How not to remove a president. Trump’s labor secretary once helped a billionaire child rapist hide his crimes. Clinton debates president george h.w. bush and independent candidate h. ross perot (not pictured. Brett kavanaugh memo proposed explicit questions for president bill clinton.