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Am i crazy or does cgi dr. manhattan have a more realistic penis than that of an actual person …. Billy crudup as dr. manhattan in watchmen. . There’s more of dr. manhattan’s manhood in watchmen’s director’s cut | syfy wire. 💀sunnygrrrl💀 on twitter: “dick #13, day 13, june 15th, 2018 old big blue just hangin’ around. https://t.co/wkujkztnz1 #art #illustration #dicks …. Dr. manhattan’s penis. Billy crudup as dr. manhattan in watchmen. 600kib, 803×513 …. /r/allin watchmen,when dr. manhattan confronts rorschach he blinks several times. earlier ozymandias tells rorschach and nite owl that manhattan’s facial …. Billy crudup as dr. manhattan in watchmen. We zoom in on the penis a bit. we hear laurie jupiter walk in the room. “what are you doing here, rorschach?” the shot tilts slightly to left, …. . That’s dr. manhattan he didn’t spend six years in omnipotent blue man group. The five things you gotta know about watchmen. 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