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Thomas the Tank Engine Explains the Bible

It was intellectual discussion and commentary on the Bible,” Johnston said  of her scriptural choices, which were unmistakably strong condemnations ...

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It takes discipline, scholarship, prayer, and sometimes creativity to  interpret the Bible in a way that makes sense to us today.
A lot of people online are sharing flow charts that are supposed to show the ridiculousness of opposition to gay marriage.. The bible vs homosexuality. ‘god and the gay christian,’ by matthew vines. ‘. What the bible really says about being gay (part ii). … kinds of sexual union or marriage.. . An open letter to bradlee dean (and all biblical literalists who label homosexuality as sin) – it’s pronounced metrosexual. Two views on homosexuality, the bible, and the church (counterpoints: bible and theology): zondervan, preston sprinkle, stanley n. gundry, william loader, …. Bible verses about homosexuality. Gay marriage: right or wrong?. The 10 commandments under the empire of leviticus 18:22 and 20:13.. . Queen james bible claims to be first-ever ‘gay bible,’ but some say it rewrites scripture. Finally: let’s talk homosexuality and bible. 5 scriptures about homosexuality | does god approve of gays?. Former mayor of hell rewrites bible to make it really, really gay (nsfw) | huffpost. The bible backs same-sex couples: point by point, why conservatives are wrong. For the bible tells me so (2007). Follow the author. The bible rarely addresses homosexuality, and all modern theological and ethical discussions of same-sex relationships are based roughly on six bible …. That moment when there was a gay couple in the bible and no one talked about it…. lgbtqa+. . What does the bible say about homosexuality?. Homosexuality in the bible: here’s what six passages say and how to interpret them.. Kim davis needs to read the bible again. Differingviews-jason-thompson-rev01-2018. Davidjonnowatermark02febjew.jpg. . 2015-04-10-said2. . Sorry, but we won’t rewrite the bible for gays and lesbians. California pro-homosexual bill will ban the bible. Why do some christians believe it’s ok to be gay, when the bible says it isn’t?. Rainbow teen exdez.istockphoto. Is god anti-gay? cover. . Sorry, but we won’t rewrite the bible for gays and lesbians. . Follow the author. For christians, the lgbt debate has centered on a few biblical passages. history has taught us that’s the wrong approach. (david mcnew/getty images). Photo courtesy of reuters *editors: this photo may only be republished with rns-bobjones-gays, …. Manny pacquiao: death to the gays. . Single, gay, christian: a personal journey of faith and sexual identity. The bible, homosexuality, and the umc — part one. Homosexuals can change. A short primer on the bible and homosexual practice. From uganda to the u.s. bible belt, the proliferation of gay discrimination laws. A brief history of polari: the curious after-life of the dead language for gay men. . Homosexuality in the bible: yeah, we get it… you read in english. ‘welcoming, but not affirming’: being gay and christian “i couldn’t even take up the offering. i was simply looking to be actively involved and become a …. . Employees quit american bible society over sex and marriage rules. . Mrs johnston said the offending comment was in response to another facebook user. Follow the author. Torn: rescuing the gospel from the gays-vs.-christians debate. Prayer and meeting at miracle hills ministries. 10 bible passages that teach a christian perspective on homosexuality | sojourners. Same bible, different verdict on gay marriage. Patrons tipped north carolina waitress with an anti-gay bible verse instead of cash. Can the evangelical church embrace gay couples?. . What is the official church teaching on homosexuality? responding to a commonly asked question. . My beliefs are my sword, my bible is my shield. … for iphone and android this summer, drop your email address into the website’s form . as crystal put it, those who sign up will get to “join the …. 502013280_univ_sqr_xl.jpg. Pastedgraphic-2 ggc book cover. Is it a sin to be gay? what does the bible say about same-sex attraction? in this episode you’ll become familiar with the relevant scriptures that talk …. Lot fleeing with his family, by peter paul rubens, 1615. via wikimedia commons. Leviticus 18:22 is the bible verse most frequently quoted by opponents of same-sex marriage: “you shall not lie with a male as with a woman; …. What does the bible say about homosexuality?. Amazon bans ‘hella gay’ version of the bible written by man who was mayor of hell. Susan cottrell & freedhearts. . I humbly pray that nobody takes the bible verse pacquiao posted about “put to death gays” literally. you dont need to accept their lifestyle but id rather …. A youtube video has been going around the internet featuring a young gay man talking about the bible. it’s tj montoya, an 18 year-old senior at seattle …. New ‘queen james bible’ removes references to homosexuality from scripture | christian news network. The secret history of leviticusthe secret history of leviticus. Follow the author. Photo by misfit photographer via flickr creative commons. Anglican priest denounced for telling gays the bible is just ‘silly words’. Gop congressman cites bible verses calling gays ‘worthy of death’. Blog. . Ronda rousey on manny pacquiao: there is no ‘thou shall not be gay’ in the bible. . 12_26_nsw_bible_141222_15h30.