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Picture taken on february 28, 2019 shows annegret kramp-karrenbauer, leader of germany’s conservative christian democratic union (cdu), as she performs …. Klaus wowereit. Germany: cdu chief slammed for lgbt joke. Joke by merkel’s successor about gender-neutral bathrooms rattles german public. Austrian-born karl-maria kertbeny invented the term “homosexual.” photo: wikimedia commons. Pioneering german sexologist magnus hirschfeld (1868–1935) in 1929. photo: wikimedia commons. Justin bieber gives explanation for ‘pee stain’ on sweats | daily mail online. The invitation letter that lungile received from dorkypark. author’s signature was removed for security reasons. Demanding role: the 35-year-old german actress plays the doomed wife of. Would you father a baby for your lesbian sister? a good day to die hard movie review by robbap1. turdhat’s german mom. sauce’s ankle. more more more.. Justin bieber felt the need to fully explain why there was a ‘pee. Cdu leader sparks row with joke about gender-neutral bathrooms. . What a chart of urine tells us about the history of color printing – atlas obscura. Ulrich pinder’s 1506 urine chart.. How clerics are using an ancient privilege to fight the german state on refugees. Berlin e-ticket dladla. In spite of the universalized stereotype, germans are very nice and sweet, they like details and place value on recognition. they tend to be very emphatic …. German expedition to unearth £500m worth of masterpieces buried by nazi looters | daily mail online. The building where i live has a pretty harmonious and classically kreuzberg 61 mix of tenants – middle-aged lesbian couples with big shaggy dogs, …. Lufthansa german airlines – i always fly lufthansa – best airline i’ve ever flown on.. . How germany’s second biggest employer just got hit by a big rule change. Screen shot 2018-01-15 at 3.06.23 am. About the author. Historic german church demolished to make way for brown coal mine. 12.20 rob report, january 8, 2009, volume 12, issue 20, mauitime by maui time – issuu. Urinalysis in the 15th century.. A medical practitioner examining the contents of a urine flask..

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